Follow The Advertising Guidelines

First, make sure the product listing follows the rules to ensure that it won’t be flagged. For Shopee, they have guidelines for:

You’ll know if you violate the guidelines when you receive this push notification:

Use descriptive images

Ads are placed across the platform along with recommended products, so make sure you use attention-grabbing images.

For Split Dragon, we used a test tool to find out which images resulted in more conversions.

Think outside the box and make sure  your image stands out from the crowd. On the marketplace, you can also upload product demos in video format. Make sure your video content provides validation that the product is effective.

We cannot deny that even though we already know what we want, we need to be sure – to be safe before buying something. And clear, descriptive images can be a starting point for that.

Use keywords with high search volume


Again, optimizing your listing means you should use keywords with high search volume.

Chances are your competitors are also using paid advertising. So make sure you are equipped with the right tools like keyword search tool to get the best profit.

3. Focus on CRO
Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a database systematic effort to increase listing conversion rates.

Simple changes to content or images can actually have a significant impact on how buyers react to your listing.

Imagine stumbling upon a listing that has several low quality images and unclear descriptions. Do you find yourself buying the thing?

That’s easy bait.

Here are the most important things you can do to optimize your list for conversions :

Clear and concise title
Optimized product titles should clearly convey what you are selling and for whom. But more importantly, the title should help your product show up in search results, based on the keywords you’ve placed.

Also, the title should be relevant to the actual product and highlight the main selling points.

What about keywords


Well, the selection of keywords should be enough to explain what the product is. Don’t use repetitive and common keywords.

Use descriptive images
The role of visual presentation in eCommerce is huge. Every time we open an online marketing app, we see thousands of pieces of content, and it’s the images that catch our attention.

A study of the human brain by MIT neuroscientists shows that our brain processes images faster than text.

And with today’s technology, you can do a lot more with your images. Provide 360 ​​views and high quality zoomable images so Mailing Lead your prospects can see your products up close.


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