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Another type is compensatory selection, in which candidates go through all stages of recruitment and only at the end the best one is selecte. A combination of the above types is mixe selection, where at the beginning of recruitment, play-off selection is use, and at later stages – compensatory selection.Functional benchmarking – it’s worth knowing February 12, 2021 PR functions There are issues that are actually very simple, although they are hidden under a complicate name. This seems to be functional benchmarking, which allows you to aim high and evaluate your strategy in relation to the best patterns. First things first.

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What is functional benchmarking? benchmarking Objectives of functional benchmarking Functional benchmarking – examples of application in marketing benchmarking What is functional benchmarking? Benchmark is often talke about in the database world of marketing, although not everyone knows what exactly this term means. And you nee to understand them to be able to explain what functional benchmarking is. Benchmark is a pattern, and benchmarking is analyzing a phenomenon in relation to this pattern. The term is widely use, not only in the world of marketing.


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Benchmarking For example, a game with high hardware requirements can be a benchmark for testing computer power, and the results of one company on the stock exchange – a benchmark for other indices. In business, benchmarking allows Mailing Lead you to evaluate your products or brand against others, and this is what the concept of functional benchmarking is relate to. It was first use in 1976. Examples can be found below. Functional benchmarking is a tool that anyone can use, and at the same time it belongs to the arsenal of the most seasone marketers. Specialists dealing with online business usually like practical solutions that can be use right away. This is the case here, and at the same time it is something from the world of creativity and unrestraine fantasy.

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