Notes & Tips for Choosing the Best Casting

How to choose the best and suitable casting rod?

In this article I share some tips related to the selection of casting rods.

What’s interesting:

I will discuss in detail how a rod works and what aspects should be considered by you before choosing a rod. Introduction
As we all know, rods and reels are two of the most expensive components in the world of fishing.

So it is not surprising that it will be the most careful purchase made by every angler

The process of choosing the best casting rod can be Database exhausting so that it is worth every ringgit invested.

We need to realize that;

A good casting rod does not necessarily make us a pro angler..

.. but the wrong casting rod will definitely limit a lot.

How Does a Fishing Rod Work?
The rod plays a big role as we cast and fight the fish.

I tried to explain briefly how the rod works.

Basically, a rod will do two important tasks, namely:

Make a throw
Against the strength of the fish
By understanding in detail how the rod works, it will give us an idea to choose the best rod for our fishing style.

Below I explain how a rod works:

1. While Throwing
casting rod action during casting
During casting, the inertia of the weight of the lure will be absorbed by the curve of the rod, then the elastic reaction of the rod will launch the lure forward.
Technically, modern fishing rods work to store and release energy.

To facilitate our understanding try to imagine how a catapult works


When we pull the rubber catapult;

— The longer the rubber is pulled, the farther the Mailing Lead projectile can be launched.

This is because the longer the catapult rubber can be stretched, the more energy can be stored to shoot the bullet away.

This physics principle is also the same as how your rod works.

The more the rod can bend, the more energy can be stored and generated.

So the further the lure can be thrown.

I hope you understand this analogy.


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