Sleep Affected Because of Disturbed Emotions

Idur can also be disturbed due to emotional factors such as anger towards wife, family members, jealousy towards colleagues and worry about neighbors and many more.
The emotional solution to this sleep is to sleep with a clean heart.

This is certainly easier said than done.

In fact, it is so difficult that those who succeed in doing it are promised heaven!

Prophet Muhammad SAW said:

Whoever does not fight when he is wrong will have a house built for him in heaven. Whoever avoids it while he is on the truth will have a house built for him in the middle of heaven. And whoever repairs his person, a house will be built for him in the highest heaven

How can quitting fighting improve the quality of our sleep

It will remove emotions from us which are the Whatsapp Mobile Number List emotions that will keep us up all night thinking of ways to deal with them in a better way.

There is a story that illustrates the greatness of a clean heart:

Prophet Muhammad SAW was sitting with a group of friends in the mosque and he said:

“A man will enter this mosque from the people of heaven, ” and a friend walked in.

Then it happened again and so on a third time.

Abdullah ibn Amar ibn al-As RA wanted to know what was so special about this man

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The man allowed him to stay (in his house).

Abdullah noticed that the man did not do Mailing Lead anything out of the ordinary.

He does not fast all the time, he sleeps half the night, and prays half the night and so on.

So after three days, Abdullah told him the real reason he stayed with him, and how he could become a member of heaven.

The man couldn’t think of anything, but after a while he said:

Every night before I go to sleep, I forgive anyone who has wronged me. I remove bad feelings towards anyone from my heart.

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