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Content? What techniques should be appli? Copywriting, storytelling, SEO ? Believe me: for each content format, there are a series of techniques Tools and that can be us to retain attention, engage and instigate some action from those who consume it! What will be the routine for creating content and publishing it? I say all this because social mia , for example, also works as a great channel! Often, they are even more effective than blogs — depending on the objective you want to achieve with online content and the reality of your company.

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In addition, social networks also allow the publication of different content formats , such as Instagram, where there are the famous image carousels, videos on Reels, lives, Stories, etc. — each with its own purpose! Tip: Content for Instagram: ideas to apply! Diversifying between different formats on the same channel makes online content more interesting — which results in greater public interest, more traffic, more conversions… And it is relat to two other main trends that I will now show: Audiovisual content In recent Latest database years, video content has been increasingly prioritiz , especially with the rise of TikTok — and Instagram’s frequent changes since then to keep up with this trend.

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As it is an online content format that is very adept at micro-moments , for example, consumption is only going to increase! Google: Micro-Moments And it is no coincidence that these social networks, like YouTube, are dominat by several companies — which has been seen favorably by Brazilians, as 56% follow a brand on TikTok and 61% are subscrib to brand channels. on YouTube . As always, this means that those companies that focus on the Mailing Lead customer and take advantage of the opportunity to create audiovisual content, such as: Institutional videos; Quick tips; Tutorials; Webinars; Podcasts; Lives; Customer testimonials, etc.

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