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What can be done wrong? The first mistake is the illegibility of the message or the lack of a message that is beneficial from the sender’s point of view. Pseudo-funny content that does not contain anything important, does not refer to the brand or its offer in any way will not be effective. A viral ad nees to be “about something”. It must present interesting content and present the brand, product or service in a subtle way. What matters in viral marketing? Creativity counts in viral marketing – but not at any price! Balancing on the brink of offending someone, content labeling a given social group, threatening someone’s dignity, hurting feelings or negatively marke are out of place.

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When posting a viral ad, we must remember that we will not be able to control it. Therefore, we must act with sensitivity, with good taste. We can laugh at ourselves, joke about the competition in a safe way (if our market image, industry and recipients Latest Mailing Database allow it), and at the same time remember to maintain professionalism. Community blog Another mistake is the mismatch of the message with the brand image. Content on social meia spreads like viruses (so is the idea behind viral marketing). Therefore, they must be create with care.

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An ill-considere post can destroy a meticulously built brand image in social meia . Why expose yourself to such danger? Sales shouldn’t drive viral marketing. Intrusive promotion misses the assumptions of such marketing. The element identifying the Mailing Lead brand should be presente in a subtle way. Humorous viral ads are an example. Internet users, amuse by the message, will share the post further, thinking primarily about its humorous qualities, and not about the fact that in this way they promote the brand, its product or service. Other viral marketing mistakes include: throwing yourself into deep water, sharing a post without first testing its effectiveness on a small group of people.

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