Basic functions Real-time translation function. Recommend points. Cooperate with online meet tools to achieve speech subtitle coverlatest. I you can also summarize sentences and make fair copies, and support the creation of meet minutes. You can import audio files in other formats. Support translation languages support Japanese. English, Chinese and other languages rate plan free plan free individual package yen per month team plan yen per month business plan 10,000 yen per month.

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Anyone who is look for a high-precision onlineĀ meet translation tool. Those who want to create smooth. People who want to improve their work efficiency Brazil Telegram Number Data by tak meet notes should refer to the official website. Youlian Overview is an online meet translation tool for enterprises that meets the security standards requir by government agencies and large companies. By a third-party agency and pass a number of strict standards.

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On the system and is extremely secure. Also be able to keep costs down since prices are set per room and not dependent on the number of users is a Brazil Phone Number List bigĀ advantage. Basic functions Real-time translation function Minute automatic generation function. Access control function Recommend points Safely. Handle confidential and personal information through powerful security functions State-of-the-art artificial intelligence achieves extremely high accuracy speech recognition. Translation language support can be expand upon request Translation language support Japanese, English, Chinese and other languages.

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