10 Tips to Master SEO for Landing Pages and Smash Your Goals

Leads are also likely to pay attention to any subheadings you might include, as well as check out your images, CTA buttons, and other visual elements, so pay special attention to these details.

7. Don’t forget to optimize images

It may be more difficult for Google and the rest of the search engines to process, understand, and categorize the visual elements on a landing page. 

However, you can help simplify the process considerably by optimizing a few details attached to your visuals. 

You’ll also want to keep in mind that people do browse the image tab attached to their search results, so optimizing images can help SEO considerably.

Choose your image’s file name carefully, taking care to make it short but descriptive. Use dashes to separate words. 

Great Alt Text Clearly but Concisely Describes

Link building is just as important in SEO for landing pages as it is any other time you want to raise your SERP rankings, so make sure you don’t leave it out of your strategy. 

Search engines always look at whether us phone number list other people around the web consider a page relevant and valuable, and a backlink is one of the strongest possible signals.

It’s a sign others have not only read and enjoyed the content but are willing to vouch for it and recommend it to others. 

So create your landing pages with  in mind to maximize backlinking. 

And encourage people to share your content across social media by adding social media sharing buttons or even incentivizing shares by offering options like a “tweet to download” function.

9. Keep forms simple and user-friendly

Since landing pages are meant to drive lead generation, most will include one or more forms for visitors to fill out. 

The company behind the page

The company behind the page gets a lead’s personal information, and the page visitor typically receives a digital asset of some kind in exchange — an , a sweepstakes entry, or access to a special deal. 

However, landing page visitors tend to be impatient, and no one actually likes filling out forms.

Resist the urge to harvest as much information as possible from your leads, and keep the number of fields on your form to a minimum instead. (Four or five is a good maximum to shoot for.) 

Remember, all you really need to start Mailing Lead nurturing a lead in the beginning is their name and a way to contact them.

And be sure to keep an eye on your bounce rate, too. If your landing page forms are on the longer side and your bounce rate seems unusually high, try reducing the number of entry fields to see if that helps.


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