5 Easy Ways to Hide Your IP Address. The IP address is an identifier such as the DNI of a device connected to the Network. Private IP. It is the identifier used by a computer or device on a local network. Public IP. It is the identifier that the computer or device has for the rest of the computers connected to the Internet. Once we are clear about the 2 types of IPs, let’s see how we can know my IP on different Windows, Mac, Linux computers, as well as on mobile devices such as tablets or Smartphones. The first thing you need to know is that you don’t need to install anything and that by default each system lets us see what my IP.

How to hide your IP address

Every computer or mobile device connected to the Internet has a unique IP address. Therefore, that identifies it when you visit a website or use a service. This address, in addition to being necessary. Therefore, is also used by web pages to find out your tastes and preferences. And thus create a complete record of each person who browses the Internet. Therefore, with the aim of offering this data to third-party companies. so that they can offer you job function email list or bombard you with advertising. To hide our IP address we can use different online services known as web proxy. Therefore,  with which we can browse any page without leaving traces or information.

3 online tools to hide my IP address

1.- Hidester: Characteristics: Your web activity will be 100% anonymous, protected with 128-bit encryption. It allows you to visit any website at any time, from anywhere. It is easy. Just open your browser, type a Website address and your connection will be instantly encrypted. 2.- Hide.me:  Free proxy browser with which you Mailing Lead can access blocked sites or simply browse the Internet anonymously. Characteristics: Registrations are not necessary. Used by more than 10 million users. Very simple installation.

3.- TOR: Another option to make your Internet browsing more secure is to install this program on your computer or device. Therefore, which is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. The most convenient way to use Tor is to use the Tor browser. Therefore, which automatically connects to the anonymization network and hides your address and the places you visit.

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