Always rely on metrics to ensure the success of the campaign. At the end, you must make a report on these data: visits : measure the number of visits that have come to you to know how effective the promotion has been. If your conversion rate has been high but the visits have been few, you need to evaluate and improve your promotion channels and strategy. New leads: new leads are essential for the sales team of any campaign. They’re a sign that you’re reaching a market you haven’t reached before, and that the content was valuable in attracting people to your business. Total submissions – don’t rule out existing lead submissions. New clients: the number of clients that you have obtained with the campaign is a very good measure.

Often though it cannot be fully measured

Until some time has passed. This methodology begins with an essential step: defining your buyer persona . A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your company’s ideal customer .Who doesn’t have to be anything like you or your team. To put “Face and eyes” on your British Student Phone Number List Buyer persona, you will not only have to define their demographics, but also their psychological and social profile: motivations, challenges, objectives, needs, life circumstances, etc. Buyer persona – shadow the key to creating a good buyer persona is in three words: research, research, research. And it is that even if your profile is that of a fictitious person, it must always be based on real cases. To get this information, you can (and should) interview your current customers, your potential leads and your network. To determine the success of these interviews, it is essential to ask the right questions .

Special Database

Semi-fictional representation of your company

And for this, the first step is to know what information you need. To give you a hand, here are the four main sections of a buyer persona according to hubspot: who? Here you have to collect demographic Mailing Lead information about your ideal client: general profile (work and family situation), demographic information (age, salary, place of residence and gender) and identifiers (how is their personality and what are their preferred contact methods) . That? In this section you must collect how your company can help you in your objectives (primary and secondary) and challenges (idem). Because? This section is the perfect place to echo the comments you receive in the interviews about challenges, objectives, complaints and objections. As? Finally, once you have a thorough understanding of what your customers need.

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