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LinkIn in its State of Sales Report , points out how the approach to sales has chang due to the global pandemic. The time devot to learning modern forms of sales has significantly increas by as much as . In practice, this shows how important it is to skillfully transfer sales to the online world, including Social Mia. Recipe for financial problems? Change the way you think. A LinkIn Company Profile comes to the rescue. When in March we were forc to stay at home overnight , no one expect how the sales market would change. Suddenly, all meetings were cancel and the bustling corporate corridors empti.

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A significant part of society start the so-call remote work. While if you are, for example, a computer graphic designer, IT employee or call center employee, the change was not so painful. Moving business meetings to the online zone became a challenge. Everyone start learning how to use instant messaging or Latest Mailing Database videoconferencing at an express pace, and  Team or ZOOM app downloads were huge. A new approach was necessary. The change affect several important aspects, such as relationships are key to further business development; sales cycles have chang; trust in ; the use of new technologies is crucial in the sales process.

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Business Model Canvas What Is It

LinkIn support during a pandemic? In just the first month, lock-down, the number of LinkIn users in Poland increas by over . Several reasons can be indicat. From the ne to look for new business and sales opportunities , through the desire to develop or looking for a new job. It is noticeable that the global pandemic has improv the quality of personal profiles on the portal. Unfortunately, company profiles still constitute a large percentage of the so-call. ghost accounts, which we have point out in our other articles. In the modern business world, LinkIn has become the basic Mailing Lead communication tool among representatives of many industries.

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