Large companies such as Mitsubishi , Ltd., and Panasonic Electric Co., Ltd. have implementation records. You can see that high-quality translation is increas the productivity of enterprises. In addition, since it complies with strict security requirements and various information protection regulations of financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies, government agencies etc.Confidential information can be handl with confidence. Basic functions Text input.

Translation function Translation and

Other document functions. Writ style change function You can change or wait for the writ style when translat Recommend points are translat by a Australia Telegram Number Data high-precision neural machine translation engine Equipp with technical terminology and the company’s official language dictionary registration function Ability to manage users within the company Support translation. Languages support Japanese, English, Chinese and other languages. Rate plan. Pay-as-you-go word count. Flat rate plan. Basic  rate start from 10,000 yen per month.

Telegram Number Data

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Who are consider introduc translation services in large enterprises.  confidential documents that are not suitable for go out, please refer to the official Australia Phone Number List website of Translation Notano Nota Home Overview is a high-precision transcription online meet translation tool us the latest artificial intelligence. The results of real-time transcription of meets can be translat as they are, so in business scenarios it can greatly ruce the time requir to produce meet minutes and other materials.

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