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The legal basis may be 22 1b § 2 of the Labor Code in connection with a GDPR or the processing of the data in question results from the ned to ensure control over access to particularly important information, the disclosure of which may expose the employer to damage, or access to premises at the workplace that require special protection, the legal basis can be indicatd 22 1b § 2 of the Labor Code in connection with joke.

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Employee’s consent to the processing of biometric data The first premise contains two essential elements that must occur database simultaneously. An employer may process an employee’s biometric data only if the employee has given their consent and did so on their own initiative. The employee’s consent must be freely given, specific, unambiguous, informd and prior.


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The second element of the premise – the employee’s action on his own initiative – complements the consent to the processing Mailing Lead of personal data under Art. 22 1b § 2 of the Labor Code. It is believd that consent in the employer-employee relationship is not voluntary due to the existence of a relationship of dependence and subordination. An employee may feel pressurd to consent to the processing of biometric data, fearing negative consequences if consent is refusd or withdrawn at a later stage of processing.

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