The Tofu. Mofu and bofu model can offer very good results, but it has a series of shortcomings (according to hubspot): it is static, it sees the sale as the end of the relationship with the customer And it does not take word of mouth into account. From here arises the idea of ​​proposing a new type of funnel. Which actually leaves behind the concept of funnel: the flywheel or pinwheel. The flywheel is a new conversion model proposed by Hubspot That replaces the figure of the classic funnel with a flywheel. That is A wheel with an axis that rotates by itself, like a pinwheel moved by the wind. Flywheel instead of the funnel stages we just saw (tofu, mofu, and bofu), we now have a wheel that puts the customer at the center .

In the world of online recommendations

And reviews, satisfied customers are more important than ever. For this reason A at flywheel the customer India Part Time Job Seekers Phone Number List Experience is a priority. Beforeafter2 around the client, we started to have a continuous cycle with three phases that feed back: attract . In the attraction phase We seek to create valuable content based on our knowledge that helps us generate qualified conversions with the right people, our potential customers. Imply . In the interaction stage, we must create a lasting relationship with our potential clients by providing information and solutions that help them overcome their challenges and achieve their goals.

Special Database

In the final stage

We must offer an exceptional experience with our brand in order to get people to achieve their goals and then become our brand ambassadors. These types of campaigns serve to Mailing Lead Work the ground before getting conversions. If you want to launch a certain product on the market, it is the perfect opportunity to create content of high professional value that deals in a specialized way with this type of product, its benefits, answer questions, etc. You can even give your customers the chance to be the first to test your offer and share their ratings to improve it.

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