Want to continue tracking how people interact with your website? Well, then you need to understand Google Analytics What is it, how is it Get familiar different from other versions of the product and why is it necessary to change? In this guide, we tell you everything you need to know. Therefore, By using artificial intelligence to model missing information, you can reap the benefits of valuable information even as the world moves away from the use of cookies and other identifying data.

What is Google Analytics 4?

Google Analytics is an analytics platform that provides traffic. Therefore, Engagement, and conversion company data information for your website. Today, it is used by most websites in the world. And allows user behavior to be tracked on each page of the site. As with any software product. Therefore, Google Analytics has been updated since its launch in 2005 as user needs have changed. Starting from the era of classic Google Analytics (GA1). The product evolved through updates to GA2 and GA3 (both are known as Universal Analytics or UA). 

How is Google Analytics 4 different Get familiar from Universal Analytics?

One of the main advantages of the new Google Analytics 4. Is that it allows you to track visitor activity across multiple sites and Mailing Lead applications. Therefore, Previously, you had to use one UA property to track website data. A different one in Analytics for Firebase to measure mobile app usage. Therefore, The new edition of Google Analytics could be called  GA4 – formerly knownas the beta version was called. Therefore, The ability to monitor users across different platforms.

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