I e Incoming tauthoritative sources (which have obtained Google’s trust) and related sources (which deal with topics relevant to ours). As already explained, Google would like links to be obtained naturally . Is our content well written and has value for users? Great, then it will naturally be linked from other sites! Writing quality content that spontaneously earns its own incoming links is called “Link earning” and is still the best technique for obtaining links and improving positioning (and

You Need to Understand

he one to Google Penguin . With the arrival of Google Penguin, the search engine stopped giving importance only to the quantity of incoming links received and began to value their quality above all . Today, doing link building in a reckless manner , aiming only at quantity, can be penalizing . This means that not only will the site not improve its positioning, but it could actually business email list B2b Email List,worsen it! How to avoid getting penalized: best practices for effective link building To avoid incurring penalties, you need to obtain quality links. A quality link is a link coming from

How Google Measures the Importance

Business Email list

network of links, to establish how authoritative a page is with reference to certain search keywords. The underlying assumption is that a site that is linked many times is valid and useful for users. From PageRank to Penguin: not only quantity but also quality of backlinks You might therefore think that.  To improve your ranking, it is sufficient to “spam” links to your web pages everywhere. But it’s not that simple! Google hates manipulation and constantly updates itself to avoid Mailing Lead practices that try to improve SEO positioning in an artificial way. Going against official guidelines (the so-called “black hat SEO”). The most important update regarding link building is

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