If you haven’t heard about lending

Review your knowledge and understand the advantages of this practice for health establishments, especially those that use great technologies. After all, this modality has become increasingly popular in the country. It expands access to specific medical equipment , whose acquisition cost is sometimes prohibitive. This is the case in different areas of the economy and also in health, as it is necessary to rationalize costs, ensuring quality and efficiency in diagnosis, as well as tracking and monitoring of clinical cases. If you are curious to know how the lending regime works for clinics, hospitals and offices and how they can benefit, be sure to follow this article until the end.

Will explain how the lending regime works

What are the differences in relation to renting and the main advantages for everyone involved. You will also find out how technology has contributed to reducing costs and making imaging exams feasible in health units of all sizes. Were you interested Indonesia Mobile Number List in the subject? Then proceed with the reading. What is a lending system? Lending scheme is a type of loan of a good, but it occurs free of charge . In lending, the goods must be non-fungible, that is, they cannot be replaced by others of the same quality, type or quantity. This type of loan does not involve the payment or receipt of any financial amount. In order to explain better, let’s elaborate a hypothetical situation to facilitate understanding.

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Imagine that the owner of a country or beach

House is going to spend years abroad. He can assign the property on a lending basis to an acquaintance, who will take care of the house while the owner is away, but without paying rent. When the owner returns, the property must be returned in Mailing Lead the same condition in which it was borrowed. Thus, both parties win: the owner, for having someone to take care of the house and its maintenance , and the acquaintance, for having free housing for a period. See some examples! Lending has become common among companies. Think of an agricultural machinery manufacturer, for example. He can borrow equipment that hasn’t been sold for a few years, as long as customers partner with him.

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