5. Know how to turn data into efficient campaigns

A valuable aspect of interactive content on social media is the amount of data about the users that can.

However, all that is useless if there are no well-defined strategies to analyze them and subsequently turn them into new posts.

If you understand that your audience has   about certain topics, there are no great reasons to prioritize shallower content.

The same goes for opinions about products and services. More than collecting, know how to interpret the data, and share it with other company teams.

6. Carefully analyze your results

Taking a closer look at the numbers and analyzing what they tell you once your posts have made the rounds is crucial to understanding how successful they were (or weren’t).

Make Sure You Use the Right Tools

In addition to hiring the right creative talent to help and using what you know about your audience as a guide, applying the right tools to your campaign can be a huge game-changer.

Ion is just one incredible example that’s perfectly to interactive content production.

Ion’s responsive templates make creating fully responsive interactive content experiences from scratch a snap, even if you’re a complete first-timer.

Ion’s interface also takes the guesswork out of collecting and analyzing your data. It’s trusted by multiple household names, as well, including DHL, Sears, BASF, and General Electric

Social networks are a great channel capable of gathering highly strategic information that must reach all employees.

What is a Brand Community

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They, in turn, must turn them into points of investment and improvement. Know how to synchronize the information with the company’s other internal data so that the actions on social media work.

In addition to the interactive actions on platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, there is an incredible range of possibilities to apply what we learned in this post in Content Marketing.

Formats such as  landing pages, interactive videos, websites, and email are needed to complement the strategy in search of engaged, interested users ready to be impacted by valuable content.

If you are interested in the universe of interaction in addition to social media, get to know the Ion Interactive tool and learn all about creating even more interesting experiences for your audience!

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