Created in 1987, the Epica Awards Product Industry hold the title of being the only advertising industry awards judged by the press . More than 200 magazines and websites from around the world are part of the jury for these awards, which each year receives thousands of nominations from more than 70 countries. In the beginning, the jury was made up of only 15 people and the awards were presented at the headquarters of the European Commission in Brussels. Currently, the Epica Awards are open to the creative community from around the world and more than 200 journalists decide the names of the winning advertising campaigns.


Diversity at the Product Industry center of the Epica Awards presentations

Has been present these days in London , where the different members of the jury have met to talk about the pieces and evaluate the most top industry data outstanding advertising campaigns of the year. But not everything has been debating and scoring: there has also been time to discover new immersive experiences in tremendously innovative spaces and listen to well-known experts in the sector. One of them was Bukola Garry, Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at the adam&eveDDB agency , who spoke about the importance of betting on diversity in the advertising sector in one of the round tables organized by the festival.


Black community not to be timid

I think there have been changes in the industry . I have more conversations about the topic on a day-to-day basis, even behind the scenes, you can also Mailing Lead see the changes in the stories…. But there is a long way to go ,” he stated, adding that “there are many opportunities” to give visibility to new narratives. In this sense, he has invited the black community not to be “timid” and to show what it can do, insisting that the “passivity” with which the industry has always treated this issue is a “shame.” Beyond the Epica Awards , among the experiences that has been able to savor in the English capital, the tour of the Brand Museum stands out, an institution that reviews the packaging and marketing used by iconic brands throughout of history.

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