How to Submit Your Website to Search Engines

If search engines don’t know your website exists, your chance of ranking isn’t an improbability; it’s an impossibility. But do you still need to submit your website to search engines in 2021? Here’s what you’ll learn in this guide: Probably not, but it can help them discover it faster. Google and other search engines don’t rely on manual submissions. Their primary way of finding new websites and pages is crawling. That’s where computer programs continually re-check known websites for new links to new content. Any useful content they find gets added to their index. How to submit your website to Yahoo Bing’s index powers Yahoo.

By submitting to

Bing, you will automatically submit your site to Yahoo. So there’s nothing to do here. How to submit your website to DuckDuckGo DuckDuckGo doesn’t allow executive data website submissions. They discover and index websites from over four hundred sources, including DuckDuckBot (their web crawler), Wikipedia, Bing, and other partners. There’s nothing you need to do here other than submit your website to Bing. How to submit your website to Baidu You only need to submit to Baidu if your website targets people in China, where Baidu has a 66%+ market share. Because the process is quite convoluted, we won’t discuss it here. But here’s an excellent guide to Baidu submission in case you need it. Excluded by ‘noindex’ tag.

Google is blocked

From indexing the page because of a noindex robots meta tag. Remove this from the page if it should be indexed. Blocked by robots.txt. Google can’t crawl the Mailing Lead page because it’s blocked in robots.txt. Remove the block if it should be indexed. Page with redirect. Google won’t index redirected pages, so remove the redirect if the page shouldn’t be redirected. Duplicate without user-selected canonical. Google believes this page is duplicate content and has chosen to index what it believes to be the canonical instead. Usually, this isn’t an issue, but you should investigate further if you believe the page should be indexed. Google and Bing will probably find your website even if you don’t submit it. The same goes for other search engines. But it’s still worth manually submitting your website, even if just to give them a bit of extra information.

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