Telecardiology is an intelligent solution

To optimize the delivery of diagnostic test reports in hospitals, clinics and offices . Thanks to the potential of telemedicine , this specialty also connects health units to cardiologists in real time, reducing the waiting time for emergency care, such as myocardial infarction. The result is improved prognosis, with more lives saved and fewer sequelae. To get a better idea, an analysis involving about 6,000 patients showed a 17% reduction in mortality when thrombolysis is performed early, in a pre-hospital environment. In this article, I explain the contribution of telecardiology to emergencies, how it works and how cardiology telemedicine can increase your clinic’s portfolio and earnings through remote reports.

Telecardiology: a specialty of telemedicine

Telecardiology, or cardiologic telemedicine are different expressions that describe the combination of telemedicine and cardiology. Despite the innovative concept, this specialty has existed for some time, being the pioneer in the transmission of Nepal Mobile Number List medical information through information and communication technologies (ICTs) in Brazil. Records show that the service became a reality in the 1990s, when different companies began offering remote electrocardiograms . At the time, the exam graphs were sent via fax and interpreted remotely by cardiologists. Currently, allows the delivery of results online, second medical opinion . Evaluation of tests at a distance and cardiology teleconferences for the discussion of cases.

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How does telecardiology work

Telecardiology involves three basic requirements for it to work: trained professionals, digital records and a sharing environment. To have access to this technology. The clinic office or hospital must train a nursing technician to conduct the tests Mailing Lead in accordance with the requirements of the .  Federal Council of Medicine and the Brazilian Society of Cardiology. You also need to purchase digital equipment for the test offered, such as a digital electrocardiograph to take routine electrocardiograms. In order to facilitate the exchange of health information safely and quickly.

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