Teleradiology is the specialty that allows

Remote evaluation of diagnostic imaging tests, generating digital reports. As an arm of telemedicine , this discipline has been growing in recent decades, reaching health units in Brazil and the world and gaining relevance for breaking geographic barriers. In addition, investing in this area can increase productivity, agility and reduce expenses in your clinic, hospital or office , as I explain throughout this article. Following until the end, you will be well informed about the concepts, standards and advantages of teleradiology for your service.

Teleradiology In Resolution the Federal

Council of Medicine (CFM) defines teleradiology as: “The practice of Medicine, where the critical factor is distance, using information and communication technologies to send data and radiological images with the purpose of issuing a report, in support Lithuania Mobile Number List of activities developed locally.” In other words, radiological telemedicine serves to share information in this field, including exam records, enabling the issuance of medical reports at a distance. This data sharing obeys a series of rules and standards, which aim to ensure that radiologists receive quality images, supporting the delivery of reliable results and assertive diagnoses.

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In general, images must be save in Digital

Imaging Communications in Medicine ) format and transmitted by a PACS ( Picture Archiving and Communication System ) system. Following current regulations, teleradiology also protects medical information, preserving its secrecy. This Mailing Lead specialty comprises diagnostic imaging exams in the following subareas: general radiology Tomography MRI Mammography bone densitometry Nuclear medicine. How does teleradiology work? Teleradiology works from the combination of equipment with digital technology a telemedicine platform and a radiology technician trained to conduct simple exams. As determined by the CFM simple tests such as an X-ray of the knee or a digital mammogram.  Performe by the technician provide he is properly traine.

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