To exams in places far from urban centers, where there are few specialist doctors. In addition to adding agility and convenience to health professionals and patients, reducing the delivery time of test results. It is for these and other advantages The distance report that the report issued via telemedicine has been gaining more and more followers in Brazil and worldwide. In this article, I will present details of this technology and how to take advantage of its benefits to optimize your team’s routine . If the theme interests you, read until the end. What is a remote report in telemedicine? A remote report is a medical report prepared and signed via the telemedicine system .

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Same requirements of health authorities for the report issued in person. That is, it can only be complete and signed by experts in the field of the exam. A bone densitometry report, for example, is in charge of a qualified radiologist and is validated through his digital signature. With the advantage of eliminating the physical presence Kenya Mobile Number List of this specialist at the health service where the procedure was performe. How does the remote reporting service work? As I mentioned above, the remote reporting service works within safe and intuitive software: the telemedicine platform . The system is hosted in the cloud (internet), in a place protecte by mechanisms such as passwords and encryption.

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Is exchange and reports are delivere online . Depending on the type of equipment used for the procedure, it is possible to send exam data automatically . This is the case of hospitals, clinics and offices that use digital devices, which allow Mailing Lead this configuration along with the telemedicine software. But it is not necessary to have these devices to benefit from remote reports. If your equipment does not allow integration to the system , just take the exam normally, saving the records in DICOM, JPEG or PDF files, according to the device. And share the data on the telemedicine platform.

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