Understanding Power Welding Rod & Action

The rod is the most important piece of equipment in the world of casting.

It is the foundation of our fishing set, an extension of our hands.

By understanding in detail about the action and power of the rod will definitely give you a lot of advantages.

Either when making a decision when buying a new rod or when wanting to go out fishing.

It will make us determine the right decision to make better use of the equipment

And determine the type of rod that suits what we need.

Matching Rod Action With Appropriate Whatsapp Mobile Number List Fishing Technique
Precise rod action will bring the lure performance to life perfectly.

In fact, the action of the rod also affects the effective hook-set rate.

Therefore, it is important to choose a rod action that matches the type of lure you want to use.

Fishing Rod Action Techniques

Because the need for rod action depends a lot on the water depth situation, the level of difficulty of the fishing ground, the type of lure and the technique you want to use.

… then the table above aims to give an idea and a preliminary picture of the appropriate action of the rod.

Maybe it becomes a starting point before you find the rhythm of your own fishing style.

It is up to you to adapt to your needs.

You don’t want to use a simple action rod when you expect toman in the heavy cover area, right? 🙂

Once you have determined the required rod action, the next step is to select the appropriate rod strength.

Understanding Rod Power Classification Specifications

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I’m sure many have seen the strength label Mailing Lead on their respective rods.

What does rod strength mean?

Briefly; force required to bend the rod

The strength of the rod usually refers to the level of hardness or stiffness of the rod to bend and is categorized in ultra light, light, medium and so on.

It determines the strength of the rope and the weight of the lure to be used.

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