Until a few years ago it was. We are not thinking of replacing meetings entirely in some cases. They remain the most sensible option, for example at the beginning of a project or for quick alignments on the status of the work. However, those who have experience the advantages of the workshops do not go back direct experience makes the benefits evident. The feeling of overcoming obstacles and making projects concretely progress remains. People gain energy and motivation from workshops, and barriers between departments and skills are lower to make decisions and actions flow more quickly. Have we intrigue you? If you are thinking about your next workshop, talk to us.

The claim Digital Experience

Lessons, or rather , from influencers for social management. In Gaia Tomasa photo editing servies Gaia Tomasa Dec. PM At the end of the year we take stock. We who work in the digital field do it too, trying to analyze a trend that mark the social year . The Italy that is on the web increasingly corresponds to Italy in general and those who deal with communication see Italians in increasingly involv in influencers and micro influencers if their presence was already emerging, it is in that the popularity of many influencers has establish itself, to the point of making them characters beyond the web.

The strength of AND EMILI

We can blame or crib Chiara. Ferring and Fes and their social Mailing Lead love story, a true blockbuster. Million views just for the moment of yes record the day after the wading, not to mention all the other moments of their life together , but a cultural phenomenon of this magnitude cannot be trace back to a single very important milestone in the sector. Me and my smartphone Me and my smartphone. Crist raw pixel on Unsplashed Now even our grandmothers have come into contact. With the term influencer, something unthinkable until a few months ago.

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