What types of inbound marketing exist

There are five different types of inbound marketing , each associated with a phase or objective. Involves creating a blog and using social media. As well as keyword research Seo optimization, and content writing. It is also important to define a content strategy and the buyer person very well. Marketing automation : if you have a large database. In this type of strategy what you want is to make the most of it. The ideal is to define a strategy that leads to correct segmentation, qualify the contacts in the database based on criteria established by the brand itself and carry out good lead nurturing so that the leads move on to the following phases of the purchase process.

Inboundization The objective is to increase

The database and generate leads, so the buyer person must first be well defined in order to carry out actions India Car Owner Phone Number List That may attract their attention. Creating landing pages, forms, or even offering access to exclusive informational material can be ways to generate leads. Loyalty: when the lead has become a customer, the objective becomes their loyalty. This implies discovering what you may need now that you have consumed the company’s product or service. Defining a strategy that can attract your attention again, offering you good after-sales service and implementing a marketing automation system that is as personalized as possible so that you do not sit another customer.

Complete When the aim is to achieve

The objectives of the four previous types of inbound strategy (attraction, marketing automation, inboundization and loyalty), all the actions described in each of them must be carried out. It is important Mailing Lead That it is always in an orderly and strategic way. It is important to note that, in parallel, the strategies carried out for inbound sales also play an important role. Since this is where the customer is contacted. This means that the closer marketing and sales work together, the closer you will be to success.

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