What is email recruitment marketing

In a few words. It is about using email marketing with campaigns aimed at conversion. In recruitment email marketing. It is common to resort to renting third-party opt-in email lists . It is a quick way to obtain contacts without the need for them to have been in contact with our brand before. For it to work It is essential to guarantee the quality of the providers of these emails.

If we opt for the second

We will have it much easier to guarantee the profitability of the investment. In an environment where. The consumer Gmail Email List is constantly besieged by advertising messages.  building a personal relationship through emails can be a good way to guarantee their trust . The key is to have the right information about our contacts and use it intelligently to send them personalized content. Which in turn gives them the security they need to let themselves be known. As we have already mentioned.

Job Function Email Database

where do we start

In collaboration with your email marketing agency. You must be able to clearly define what your recruitment goals are and what is the recruitment strategy that you are going to follow to achieve them. Creation of campaigns. From the subject to the color of the call to action button, through the optimization of landing pages. Market test and creatives. Launch of the campaign through the own databases, the opt-in lists acquired or both.

To ensure maximum efficiency. It is very important that you perform regular database cleanups, eg by removing bounced Mailing Lead or business emails. Analysis of results to determine the fulfillment of objectives and generate insights that allow optimizing the following campaigns, for example, the optimal days and hours to send for each type of communication. Here, marking which metrics and data are correct for the email marketing campaign are the ones that will help the success of the entire project and draw good conclusions.

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