However. you can expect CTR figures of more Why should you than 5% from Discovery advertising. even if there is no remarketing audience in the target. As an advertiser. you should also pay attention to what type of campaign it is. what stage of the sales funnel the campaign type is intend for. and what the assum coverage of the ads will be with the targeting you have chosen. When it comes to click rates. you should forget about generalizing.

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How can I improve the click-through rate of my ads? How can you improve the click-through rate of your companys b2b email list advertising relevance for campaigns? I recommend you focus especially on the following themes: Write compelling text ads. Use header lines only for the most important information. Present your unique selling points effectively with headlines .

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Take advantage of audiences. You save a lot of money by showing ads only to the customer segments you want to reach. Test different ad Mailing Lead types. Several campaign types contain more than one option. Have you already test responsive search ads ? Use relevant ad extensions. Ad extensions enrich your ads with additional information. They can be either clickable or non-clickable. A/B test with different ad versions. Dont leave things for the system to optimize.

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