21 Marketing Gurus to Follow with you Want to Thrive in 2023

In the case of profiles whose audience is older, the simpler the interaction, the better.

In those cases where young people are the majority, there are great possibilities to explore interaction by mixing it with memes and current trends without thinking so much about the limits of understanding resources and calls.

2. Plan your strategy

Interactive posts for social media are similar to any other type of content in that they have to be perfectly on point to generate the results you’re looking for.

Plan your strategy carefully, considering what you already know about your target audience.

What topics, events, and concepts do your social media followers care most about? What formats have worked best for your brand in the past?


Try revisiting ideas that your engaged audience has loved before and adding a fresh interactive take. Consider tapping into current events and hot social trends for additional impact.

3. Segment content for each social media

Instagram and Facebook are different from LinkedIn, which, in turn, is also very different from Twitter and YouTube.

Each social network has its particularity and a user profile, so it is worth researching what works best on them in a specific way.

For example, from the strategies we mentioned in the post, Twitter goes better with games and viral content, while Instagram allows for the creation of quizzes and polls.

Assemble a terrific creative team


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Although anyone can brainstorm a couple of great interactive posts for social media here and there, that won’t be enough if you’re serious about really getting results.

Truly next-level interactive posts are part of a bigger plan, especially if you’re planning to publish a series of them over a longer period.

That’s where it pays to have the right creative team in your corner. Professional designers, artists, video creators, and content writers can give your content the X-factor it needs to make your audience sit up and take notice.

If you already have a pool of talented creatives to choose from, decide which folks are the best fit for your next interactive social media campaign.

And if you don’t, consider putting out some feelers for freelance talent that can help.

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