In this post you will find a complete guide, with a video tutorial included, on how they work, how to interpret them and how to solve the 404 errors that appear in Search Console . Hello sooooo! How are you doing there? Good? Am, yes, like most. With tears of blood in my eyes for “returning” to work. They say that post-vacation depression is an invention of those who are not in charge of their professional lives . Well look, I don’t know who invented it, I just know that it’s so comfortable on vacation… Although, if I’m honest, I’ve been on the go for a month now. I have already overcome that crisis. In fact, a few days ago I published an Ultimate Guide to Search Console for Newbies . do you remember her?

The easiest way to understand a 404 error

You go to Madrid and put the address in your GPS navigator. When you arrive (hahahahahaha, yes, I said you arrive, hahahahahaha). Amos, “almost no joke.” TRUE? Well, that’s more or less it. It is reaching a server, thinking that you are going to find content and that server industry email list tells you “No, that’s it, it’s not here . ” But there is a subtlety . Let’s look at another example. Imagine that they call your house asking for “la peniclutiense”. What could happen? You get all stupid (that’s what servers are like) and you respond: “no, it’s not here, you idiot . ” And you hang up. This is a 404 error. Possibly you knew that he was asking about you, but since he didn’t say it correctly, then screw him.

Differences between Search Console 404 errors and Server errors

No sooner have you read four things about SEO than you have come across statements about “404 errors negatively affecting SEO and you have to solve them . ” TRUE? Well, I feel it in my soul, they are not entirely true . But I’m not going to be the one to tell you, you’re going to deduce it with this new example : I stand in front of your house and ring Mailing Lead the doorbell: “Is it penitrusqui? – NO, it is not here.” I call again: “is this puchusclutu? – No, it is not here.” I do it again: “Is Rufiasca there? – No, it is not here.” That’s how I spend the whole day. Then, when you tell a friend, he tells you that you should have gone downstairs and told me to stop because the postman was going to stop leaving letters in my mailbox. To which you answer: And what does the postman have to do with here? He hasn’t even found out!

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