Now that you know which errors really need to be worked on and solved, those in Search Console , let’s see how to solve them. The first thing you need to know is that Google provides you with all the information you need to solve them, but the solution cannot occur in Search Console . This section is informational only. 404 errors in Search Console As you see in the image, Google tells you which url on your site caused the error and from which sources the error is occurring. This means that the Google robot has tried to access the “bad” url by reference or indications from the others. Do you follow me?

Correct the reference

Let’s say this is the best solution for Google but the most expensive for us, in most cases. It consists of notifying all sources that this URL is not correct and to please correct it. So, the next time.  Google visits your page, it will find the new indication and the reference will be fine. Redirect the bad URL to the correct one. This solution is category email list easier for us, since we just need to install a plugin (or code it in our .htacccess) that basically says “when you try to access this page. Indicate that you have moved to this other one.” Thus, although the reference will continue to be wrong throughout life, robots (and people) will end up correctly reaching the content they were looking for.

Redirect the bad URL to a generic URL

This is the worst solution but sometimes we are forced to carry it out. It’s something like “no, it’s not here, but maybe this other thing interests Mailing Lead you.” It is better than a 404 error, although not highly recommended. The . Easiest way to solve the problem is to use plugins like Redirection (free) or more professional versions like . SEO Redirection Plus (paid, affiliate link). In the video I show an example that may be useful to you. [piopialo vcboxed=»1″]Remember: Marking as solved does not mean it is solved.[/piopialo] “Mark as solved” does not mean it has been solved Yep, you missed it, right? You may have thought . Well, Vic is not complicated with plugins or contacting Webmasters if . Google itself already offers me an option.

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