7 Neuromarketing Tips you need to know

A post with 7 tips on Neuromarketing that you can apply now. Created especially for the El Perro de Papel Marketing course . Before I begin, let me tell you that, for me, writing these pages, especially for you, has had an activating effect. I remember the excitement and energy that the curiosity of learning, the excitement of a new path to discover, provided me. At that time, when I decided to dedicate myself to Digital Marketing, Advertising and Creativity, I was going through what was perhaps the hardest stage of my life . I won’t tell you more, but you should know that waking up every day with tears instead of blemishes is very hard . Try, for a moment, to imagine how that turned out.

A brief introduction to “guerilla” Neuromarketing.

Tell me something, before continuing. What did reading the previous paragraphs mean to you? Have you read them lightly or, at a specific moment, have you stopped to read them carefully? Have you experienced a small degree of empathy, imagining how I woke up crying every day ? How hard top industry data could it have been for me? Have you felt the illusion of “a new self” (learner, excited, creative, curious)? Please do this exercise and tell me (or better tell yourself), what did reading that text mean to you? Because, you know something? Although each letter in the previous paragraph is pure truth (surely), it contains very powerful components to evoke your emotions, to connect with you and to awaken your interest. That is where Neuromarketing has its application .

Be careful, as a science it is so broad that

Anyone could call me “sloppy” for this text, always keep that clear. Here I will simply give you some tips, which will probably help you in the development and sale of your products or your personal brand. They are small tips that will help you obtain better results, nothing more. And that face? Ah okay. Let me tell you one last thing: no, it is not manipMailing Lead ulation nor am I playing with you. It is application of pure statistics . [piopialo]Neuromarketing is based on statistical studies and how we understand the brain works[/piopialo]. With this you do not have a “magic wand” or “hypnosis” formula. You don’t force anyone, you only increase your chances. The text above is the pure truth, perhaps looking for a “scenography” that would attract you more, but only that.

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