Are Google Ads Worth It for Your 2022 Marketing Campaign

The minds behind Google  marketers and SEO professionals to change their mindsets and strategies. It became essential to start thinking more as content experts who were capable of building better information for the end-user.

Now, we to actually become authorities in marketing spaces instead of just thinking like hackers.

The Authority Example

Practice: Using Hidden Tags To Increase An Authority Number And Other  Practices

It  Google understand the author as an entity and show their faces on the SERP (I miss that).

How Does Google Ads Work

E-A-T essentially determines a website’s value by the quality of content and how reliable the page and author of its content are.

Choosing to follow the current biz list best practices of E-A-T could mean the difference between the best or worst SERP positions.

This is especially important on Your Money, Your Life (YMYL) sites that refer to content from financial, government, legal, shopping, health, safety, and other websites with topics that could have a negative impact on the quality of life.

The only thing Google asks us to do is create good content and make sure that our online presence shows that we are experts on a specific subject.

Old-style hacking techniques

Phone Number List

The User Experience Shift

Just like with E-A-T, there is no Mailing Lead hacker’s checklist. We must shift our mindset to think like our human visitors.

Luckily, Google does provide some insight to help you understand what to work on.

User Experience Upgrade: How Do I Make Sure I Have A Fast Website.


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