What You Need to Know to Increase Your Revenue

Here, you can see your site performance, based on how Google perceives it through the human lens. This can serve as a guidepost for what to fix.

At this time, it doesn’t matter how you fix these issues, as long as you have high scores in the “Good” category.

User Experience Upgrade: To AMP Or Not To AMP?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are an easy way to optimize your mobile site experience. Enabling AMP on your website can serve as a quick fix to give Google the perception of a fast, properly-rendered website. Try to think about what your customers may be most interested in and would use regularly, as this will help increase the chances of your business remaining at the forefront of their minds.

How Do You Get Started with Google Ads

Implementing AMP is a matter of choice, even though a few years ago it felt almost mandatory. AMP never was, and still is not, required.

At Rock Content, for example, we’ve buying phone numbers decided to stop using AMP and invest in optimizing our website globally.

We’ve had zero negative impact on our traffic, nothing changed for our visitors, and our website became much easier to manage without the duplicated pages.

Just like with E-A-T, Google has asked us to change our mindset. The focus is on the final user experience instead of the technology we are using to achieve the best results.

As long as you are getting good

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All the changes that we observed over the last two years brought us really close to where we are now – Ignore Google. Satisfy Users.

We saw, first hand, that when you think of the user first, Google will find your value – regardless of the implementation method used.

With extremely advanced AI Mailing Lead already being used by Google (oh, hey MUM!), trying to “trick” Google is useless.

The quality of your content’s answers to user intention, plus a great user experience, is what matters.

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