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The proof of this shift in mindset is in the pudding.

Canceled Practice: Content Created Around High-Ranking Keywords Only

We are no longer creating hundreds of the same posts about [frying eggs], each with a different color egg, in an attempt to trick “old Google.”

The “old Google” is gone. 

Google now knows that [brown eggs] and [white eggs] are both [eggs]; it will easily mark those pieces of egg content as spam. Keyword density is no longer the primary way to rank.

2022 Best Practice: Using E-A-T And Human-Centric User Experience To Create Meaningful Content

Rock Content set out to rank for a very specific core term when we created our Business Data post. That single term was [business data].

What happened

Our team had created a strong article that fulfilled a series of interconnected queries around a topic. The content helps answer in-depth questions that readers truly have.

Google, who now understands user intent, user experience, and topic queries, saw multiple markers of high quality on our site. It also recognized answers usa telephone book to a multitude of human-centric topic queries. 

Google isn’t the only thing that has changed; we’ve changed our definition of quality content, too. 

The Key Takeaway

If you have to choose between all the green lights from your Yoast plugin inside WordPress or more clear and organized information for the user, don’t think twice: choose the user. 


Google is thinking like a human

I don’t mean to imply that we can completely ignore Google to do great SEO. Technical optimizations are key. Yes, we should still utilize these. 

However, they are not the primary driving force. We see the technical improvements as a way to deliver what matters the most – the actual content – in the best possible way.

2022 will be the first year in which it Mailing Lead will be truly possible to do good SEO by just thinking about the end-user and leaving Google to be an afterthought.

And that, my friend, is what good marketing is all about.


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