Benefits of Inbound Marketing

The benefits speak for themselves. According to a hubspot study: generate a qualified lead and 12 registrations for every 370 visits. You can double a company’s qualified marketing contacts by two in one year and multiply them by 7 in two. As for the leads, in just one year they multiply by 5 and in two, by 14. And of course, it also increases visits to the brand’s website: in the first year they multiply by 4 and in the second, by 12. In addition, this methodology is effective for companies in all sectors. The b2b have more conversions from visit to registration, but in return the b2c register a greater increase in accumulated visits.

But the figures are not everything

It is also necessary to take into account that it is a long-term investment that multiplies the Chinese Australia Phone Number List assets of your company. We can get the following benefits: contents that position the company as an expert in the sector and that can be profitable for years. Channels for attracting organic and direct customers, that is, independent of the means of payment. A database of qualified contacts that will grow over time. Greater reach and community around the brand. Reinforcement of the branding or brand image of the company, thanks to the greater number of visits and interactions achieved. A series of marketing automation processes that result in permanent resource savings.

Special Database

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