The assets provided by Inbound Marketing

This is a methodology designed to grow, build and generate long-term benefits. Once the effort to start is made, it creates its own inertia through a series of inbound marketing assets that make our work increasingly easier. Inbound-marketing-strategies 1) Content: search engine positioning and traffic generation Content marketing is the main technique to attract quality leads. Without the content, nothing makes sense within an inbound strategy that seeks to attract to sell.

One of the most important pillars

On which inbound is based is having a website with a blog. This must be endowed with good informative Chinese Thailand Phone Number List content and that respond to the needs of the potential client. The idea is to attract traffic naturally through user searches on sites like Google. How is it achieved? Making SEO and Inbound go hand in hand. To do it correctly, these three points must be applied: Keyword research . Do you know what your buyer persona is looking for? The first thing is to carry out a keyword search based on your sector and product or service.

Special Database

You can list ideas and then look

At their search volume and difficulty or ask the tool you use to recommend existing searches. The most Mailing Lead common is the Google Ads Word Planner, but there are others like SemRush, Moz or Ubersuggest. On-page SEO . They are all the SEO techniques that you can apply within your site to improve the positioning of your content. There are several, from the structuring of the information, the title, the meta description or the loading speed of the web. Off-page SEO . They are all the positioning techniques that you can try to carry out outside your site. Such as guest blogging or link building. Do not look for short-term results, SEO strategies look at months ahead to position a web page among the first results of Google.

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