YouTube channel and podcast

Audiovisual formats generate greater retention and have better engagement than written content. If this is the case, we should not miss the opportunity to use this format in our inbound content strategy. Another valuable asset is podcasting , the digital version of classic radio. This format is booming and there are more and more consumers of sound programs on demand. So don’t forget to have: a youtube channel in which to upload brand videos. A radio program-type podcast , in which we will broadcast regular episodes with news and interviews related to our sector.

The different channels are not independent,

But can interrelate and feed each other. 3) content to convert visits to leads the content is not Chinese UK Phone Number List only to position content and attract qualitative traffic, but it must also be part of the lead generation strategy. How can we achieve this? Through downloadable content or to which your visitors have to subscribe. Thus, your anonymous traffic, if they are interested in what you offer, must leave their data and they will become leads (contacts potentially interested in our products or services, to whom we can send marketing communications). Some examples are: specialized ebooks . What works best is to pose them as a response to a specific user problem. They are longer than a normal article. Reports and studies that provide new data on the sector. In addition, you can then make a press release with the information and send it to the media for publication; the objective will be to get more external links and qualitative visits.

Special Database

Webinars on topics of interest to users

Free trials or free trials of our services or products. Two elements to pay close attention to are: the Mailing Lead form and the call-to-action button. The form should give you all the information you need to qualify a lead, so think carefully about the questions you’ll ask. And the call-to-action button must be striking and generate an action. 4) database the database contains all your leads and the information that you have been collecting about them, because they have voluntarily left you their data over time. At the beginning, it is easier to request the email, but over time you may require more data; your users know you, trust you and it is easier for them to leave you extra information. Having a database means having an audience that is interested in your brand and that has voluntarily agreed to receive information about your products and news.

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