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Next, enter both the student’s ID and date of birth as well as the names of their parents or guardians. Afterwards, the student’s address list according to Reniec will be enter . minu certificate Now, specify the contact information such as cell phone, email and the reason why we are requesting the study certificate. turkey certificate Finally, you will see on your screen the summary of your document with the main data of your procure. After this last step, a virtual code will be generat with which you must go to your ucational institution.

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Remember that this management is mostly digital, as it represents lower production costs and waiting times; however, it is still necessary to go in person to collect your certificate. You can follow the status of your document by clicking on the “Verify Certificate” option , entering your virtual code and then your ID. The platform will business lead then inform you how your request is. How much does it cost to obtain the certificate The cost of this service is completely free according to the General ucation Law and its regulations; However, public ucational institutions could only charge for the second issuance of this document, if specifi in their statutes.

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According to the Ministry of ucation , if the school is clos or clos, the study certificate will be issu directly through the UGEL . If the studies were carri out until 1985, the entity in charge of issuing the Mailing Lead document will be the Minu . Proof of Learning Achievements Proof of Learning Achievements It is another document that can prove your ucational career that is alternative to the certificate of studies; Well, it is useful for some procures. These are the following: Admission to public and primary universities that request it.

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