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Furthermore, due to the health emergency, exceptionally, the document will not have the signature or seal of the director of the ucational institution. In addition, it is possible that information about the first places in the promotion or awards of excellence appear on the transcripts. The information will be enter by the school as a comment or observation at the time of delivery. Finally, these ucational documents have no validity or expiration period; which will be important for graduates to use the certificates for the procures they require in the future.

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How to obtain your study certificate virtually First of all, it is necessary to clarify that this system is not available for all national ucational centers; since the student’s or graduate’s school must be on the list of active ucational Institutions that receive business email list virtual applications. Both the student and the parents or guardians may carry out these procures, as long as they have the Application Record . Study certificates will be issu virtually, but schools must print the document and deliver it to the applicant physically. Due to the health emergency , in limit cases, the document will be sent by mail to the person who made the request.

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Next, these are the steps to complete your online study certificate process : Enter the following link . Click on the blue button “Request a Study Certificate” . study certificate 1 Search for the ucational institution by name, department, province and district. certificate of studies 2 Select your preferr school. This Mailing Lead should appear as “ Enabl” in the Request Status column . Click on the box and then “Accept”.search for the authoriz school After accepting the Terms and Conditions , you must choose the type of person: Representative or In a personal capacity .

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