10 tips to be a good community manager

How to be a good community manager? . Let’s go today with some tips and advice to do well as a community manager , to be a good social media professional, despite the means of the brand that hires you. Especially useful if you want to start as a community manager . 10 tips to Come on! Being a good community manager: practical advice and tips 1- calm, above all there will be stressful moments, not because of you, but because of the conditions of the job. The brand you work for, an unforeseen change, an unexpected troll. Are you willing to face it, calmly? The worst thing about a community manager is that they get nervous .

Publish at an appropriate pace

A community manager always has to stay calm, because nerves only lead to your brain becoming cloudy, and making decisions for the brand that you later Gambling Email List regret, because they are not the best. ? How to make a social media proposal to a customer. Freelance proposal example 2- empathic content with your audience content is king. It is one of the fundamental legs of the community manager’s job. Many social media users follow brands not because of who they are, which they already know, but because of what they offer in entertainment and useful and valuable content on their social networks .

 Look for engagement, not followers

10 tips to What does a community manager do? What does a community manager do? 3- active listening a good community manager is always alert, and knows Mailing Lead what is being said about the brand, where it is being said, and who is saying it. Active listening on social media means tracking brand mentions, comments, who shares relevant information about it, who criticizes the brand, who trolls it, etc. And above all, which users are the best brand ambassadors on social networks. 4- don’t lie the job of community manager requires one thing: sincerity . You must always tell the truth, at least as far as it can be told, but never lie. As in life, lies have very short legs, and a liar is sooner caught than a lame one. 5- humanize the brand the best way to show a brand on social networks is to humanize the brand.

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