More than half of Spaniards (57%) believe that unemployment will increase in the next year . This is stated in the third edition of 2022 of the Kantar Consumer Perspectives Report. Study that analyzes the confidence of the Spanish consumer regarding their own and the country’s economy on a quarterly basis. This figure represents a growth of more than 10 percentage points compared to the previous period. An indicator that Spaniards’ concern about the future economy is growing. In general, consumers have become aware that a new period of crisis is beginning that has begun with prices. which translates into a negative evaluation of the moment to buy almost all products Begins to affect the perception of the employment in general,” according to the study. 

How does this situation affect consumption

An overwhelming majority of industry email list employees (84%) believe that there is little or no chance of losing their job in the coming months. In this way. The dominant opinion is that own income will be maintained in the coming months. unemployment rate Teresa de Ledesma. Marketing Director at Kantar Insights, states: «The effect on the employment variable in this wave of the study is very representative. We have rarely observed such a drastic increase in the number of people who believe that unemployment is going to grow. In the next year and always preceding periods of recession.

What should brands do

The fact that employed people Mailing Lead still do not view their job position with fear is quite common (we tend to see the danger outside first). But this could change if economic pressure on consumers increases and confidence continues to decline. Therefore, he explains. How does this situation affect consumption. In this wave we see how consumers become aware that a new period. Crisis is beginning that has begun with prices. Therefore, which translates into the weakening of confidence. Therefore, which continues its decline to -22.4 points. Before the summer we had already seen the beginning. The effect of the crisis on the behavioral indicator. Now, the decrease in the assessment of the country’s economic situation drops by -5.8 points and the inflation situation is reflected in the slight drop in the assessment of the household’s economic situation (-4.1 points).

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