Once you successfully convince an email outreach recipient to give you their time, the last thing you want to do is waste it. 


Don’t ramble on in your email. Get straight to the point — preferably within 80 words or so — and be crystal clear about what you’re asking for.


The inverted pyramid approach is a longstanding journalism staple because it ensures the content gets straight to the point, and it works just as well for email outreach messages. 


Place the most crucial pieces of information toward the top of your email. Then keep the rest of your message as concise as possible.

Explain what’s in it for them

No one likes receiving asks from people who can’t (or won’t) offer anything in return, especially if they don’t know the asker or have an existing reason to be responsive. 

So make sure your email includes a sentence or two that explains the value of complying with your request.


Does adding a backlink to your content make their content more valuable to their readers? Is there something specific you’re willing to do in return, like promote the content across your own social media channels if they add your link to it? 


Always explain how helping you also helps them if you’re serious about getting a response.


8. Be smart when following up

The only thing more annoying than receiving a lousy email pitch that offers zero value to the recipient is getting peppered with multiple follow-up attempts. 

Great Email Outreach Tools to Know

Phone Number List

Here are a few terrific tools that deserve to be on any marketer’s radar.

1. Hunter

One of the more tedious, time-consuming parts of compiling a list of email outreach contacts is locating their professional email addresses, but Hunter can make short work of it. 

Just input a web address, and you’ll have the emails of everyone who works for that company within seconds.

You can also use Hunter to plan your email outreach campaign, schedule follow-up attempts, and more.

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