What is the Digital Kit how to apply for the Digital Kit program for SMEs and the self-employed in 2022

In this article you will see what the Digital Kit is and what requirements are. Therefore, needed to apply for the Digital Kit program for SMEs and the self-employed in 2022. In 2021, the Digital Kit aid program was presented in Spain. With this program, many companies and freelancers will have the opportunity to digitize their businesses in a more facilitated way. Here you will know what. Therefore, requirements you must meet and what the deadlines are to be able to benefit from this program, whether you are a freelancer or an SME.

What can you do with this program

In order to alleviate the changes category email list brought by COVID-19 at the beginning of 2020, this program emerged to: That. Therefore, companies can face the losses they had when having to implement business models where they were not technologically prepared. For example, implementing teleworking to their employees or hybrid work, another reason is that many companies had to implement some measures at a technological level, where in many cases employees did not have the necessary knowledge due to lack of training. Another example of what the Digital Kit program is for is that SMEs had to face an expense of technological resources that they were not prepared to face or could. Therefore, not implement due to financial problems. Something very interesting. Therefore, to take into account when preparing the company’s Media Plan .

Requirements to request the digital Kit

To be able to enjoy the European Funds Mailing Lead Digital Kit program you must verify that you. Therefore, meet the following conditions: Be registered as self-employed. Do not exceed the number of aids. Stay up to date on tax and social security responsibilities . Not be considered a business in crisis. Possess the minimum seniority that is imposed in each call. Do not breach any point of article 13.2 of Law 28/2002, of November 17, General Subsidies. Comply with the financial limits. Therefore, established by the categories of companies. Not being present at an EU recovery order where illegal aid to the common market is evident.

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