What is a Media Plan what is it for and communication channels in a media plan

In this What is article you will see what a Media Plan. Therefore,what objectives it has, what it is for and the communication channels in a media plan with examples in 2022. Knowing what a. Therefore, media plan is and how it works is important, since the marketing campaign you carry out to publicize your products, services or company must be done in a manner that is faithful to your brand. So in this post. Therefore, you will see everything that a media plan can contribute to your digital project.

What is channels exist in a media plan

There are 4 types of media in the market , each of industry email list which brings together a series of different dissemination. Therefore, methods, whether traditional or digital media. The 4 channels are the following: Own media They are those media that belong entirely to your business. The advantage of this type of media is that you have full control over them, so that you can manage it in the way you see fit. Another point in favor is that, since this medium has already been created, it does not have as strong an initial version as other mediums. Therefore, that you will see later. Examples of own media: Web page. Personal or company brand blog . E-books or electronic books. Infographics. Email marketing. And social networks

Media of exchange

The means of exchange consist of two or more Mailing Lead companies agreeing to collaborate so. Therefore, that both parties benefit. It can be a contest or raffle on your social networks, mentioning each other, recommending the products on your YouTube channels, sharing a stand at an event or fair, and every type of collaboration you can imagine. Example : McDonald’s and Oreo have a collaboration in the desserts of the hamburger brand, they offer their ice cream called McFlurry Oreo, where both companies sell their products and obtain profits. Therefore, through this collaboration.  How to make a Digital Marketing Plan in 2022 7 Digital Marketing. Therefore, Strategies for SMEs and businesses launching on the Internet What is the Digital Kit.

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