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Need to expand medical care at a distance, it has become essential to stipulate rules for telemedicine. Through the rules and regulations for telemedicine companies, it is possible to standardize the health service , as well as guarantee the protection Due to technological of patient data. But before talking about the rules for telemedicine, it is important to understand what this service actually is. According to Resolution CFM 1643 of 2002 – the first to regulate the practice – it is nothing more than the practice of medicine through the use of interactive methodologies of audiovisual and data communication. Its main objective is not only to provide assistance to people, but also to facilitate health-related education and research.

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Telemedicine has been used in Brazil for a longer time. Before that, however, the rules were not very clear to both doctors and patients. Since then, it has gradually conquered its space, gaining even more prominence in 2020, when the pandemic Dominican Republic Mobile Number List settled in the country. This is because the Federal Government saw in telemedicine an opportunity to offer care to more people – which led to the creation of an exceptional law in order to expand its access. After this brief summary, I will explain more about the rules for telemedicine, from the first law created to the most current one. First, however, it is important to learn more about telemedicine itself, such as its potential and its history in Brazil and in the world.

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Of having rules for telemedicine? The telemedicine service consists of remote care for patients. Allowing them to make an accurate diagnosis and indicate more appropriate treatments without having to leave their homes. For it to be offered, it is necessary to have specific technologies , in addition to internet access. This platform should Mailing Lead allow videoconferencing to take anamnesis and record patient data, known as electronic medical records . One of the benefits of telemedicine is the fact that it provides. Patients who live far from large urban centers with access to specialized care. That is, that they receive the same attention as those who have hospitals or complete clinics close to home.

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