Outlined in the Doctor’s Code of Ethics . According to what appears in it, “ the doctor will keep confidential the information that he has knowledge of in the performance of his duties, with the exception of the cases provided for by law ”. But is it possible to strictly follow this determination when it comes to teleconsultation? What can be seen is that this theme gains even more prominence with the advancement of this type of service, considering that it is necessary to guarantee that the patient’s clinical data will be properly safeguarded. To guide professional performance, the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) published some laws, resolutions and ordinances, including some considered exceptional – such as during the pandemic period in Brazil.

These laws aim to outline the performance

Of teleconsultation , demonstrate its limits and, mainly, make clear the importance of medical secrecy. In this content, you will learn more about teleconsultation, such as its benefits for doctors and patients. You will also see the main legal determinations Ecuador Mobile Number List related to the profession and what they make clear in relation to medical confidentiality – including what happens in case of breach of confidentiality of the patient’s private life. Have a good read! How important is medical confidentiality? First, the laws on medical secrecy reinforce how important it is for the relationship between professionals and patients to remain compliant. However, I will go deeper into the legal details surrounding the issue later, in the next item of this article.

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Above all the relevance of confidentiality

Of medical records , and other information provided by patients, is linked to the very conduct and ethics in medicine. After all, it is the role of every doctor to protect personal data, as well as those collected in exams, evaluations and treatments, which Mailing Lead are considered confidential. In addition, it is normal for people to seek care in times of fragility. Therefore, when it comes to reporting their problems, intimate behaviors eventually reveal themselves. Obviously, no one wants their privacy exposed to third parties. And when they understand that this type of information is important for the consultation, patients entrust it to the specialist.

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