When you’re creating landing pages with the best SEO practices in mind, your choice of URLs matters. 

Remember, search engines like Google want to see your actual root domain within that URL instead of something random and auto-generated, so always publish your landing pages to your own domain.

Doing this also supports better brand consistency and lets your visitors know that they’re legitimately dealing directly with your company. 

It allows your landing page to take advantage of any search engine authority you’ve likely already built for your domain, as well.

3. Create an SEO-friendly title

Your title is the most important detail to keep in mind when it comes to SEO for landing pages. Make sure yours accurately describes the content on the page, but without being too long. 

Optimize Your for Results

After your title, the actual URL is the most important element in SEO for landing pages. Publishing your page to your private domain is a start in the right direction, but it’s not the entire picture. 

Further optimizing your URL helps search call lists engines better understand where your landing page fits into the larger structure of your site.

For that reason, you can follow a similar optimization approach to landing pages that you’d use with other web pages. 

Keep things short, as search engines usually truncate URLs longer than 65 characters in SERP results. 

And as with titles, put your most important keywords as far to the left as possible, using slashes to separate concepts.

Your landing page’s meta description doesn’t directly affect your SERP rankings the way your title or URL will. 

Plan Your Content Carefully

Since landing pages are designed to generate leads and prime visitors to convert, your on-page copy should be crafted with this in mind. 

And, of course, holding your visitors’ attention so they stick around instead of bounce is key with SEO for landing pages.

One trick to doing this successfully is to focus on the benefits attached to your product or service. 

Show your audience how awesome their Mailing Lead life could become if they give it a try. Keep your actual text simple, snappy, and easy to understand, as that’s what works best on landing pages.

And be sure to structure your page for success, too. Most people don’t read landing page copy in meticulous detail, so adding a catchy headline can help them grasp the most important details. 

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