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You will be able to open your field not only as a qualifi graduate, but also as a volunteer and intern. UPN has 5 health careers: Nursing Obstetrics Nutrition and diet Psychology Therapy and Rehabilitation 2. International Business and Administration Globalization has provid new opportunities to work in other countries. For example, thanks to the export of products, the International Business and Administration degree is one of the most in demand in the international market. After learning to analyze different markets to discover and take advantage of expansion opportunities, you will be ready to interact with people from all over the world, with different cultures, customs and development opportunities.

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Computer Systems Engineering In the new digital era in which the modern world is developing, companies require technological services. Which means a greater demand for professionals link to this branch of Engineering. Organizations around the world are constantly searching for experts in software engineering and new information technologies. A professional dicat to this type of complex problems and tool will be requir to cover present and future nes of b2b email list various clients. svg E 4. Environmental Engineering Professionals in Environmental Engineering have the possibility of working in various companies around the world, they can act as environmental consultants in research areas of universities or institutions in charge of the study, prevention and care of the environment.

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 Furthermore, they are the ones who propose practical and creative solutions to achieve harmonious sustainable development and forge a more responsible society, dicat to caring for the environment, factors requir in large companies around the world. 5. Electronic Engineering An electronic engineer has Mailing Lead many more job opportunities, since it is a career where there are few professionals for a growing market. The job field is broad, you can work in public and private companies in the telecommunications or industrial sectors, as well as in information technology projects.

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