How to Make a YouTube Short in 5 Easy Steps

As most digital marketers are well aware of, video marketing is one of the most powerful forms of content on the internet.

Videos grab the attention of viewers and get more views and higher levels of engagement than other forms of content like text posts.

In this context, YouTube Shorts are a new and emerging form of short-content videos, and knowing how to make a YouTube Short is becoming more important for video marketing strategizing.

In this article, we’ll talk about what YouTube Shorts are, why you should try making them, and what are the 5 steps you need to take to make your Short.

What Are Shorts

The traditional YouTube video is a horizontally-filmed, long-form content video that is highly produced and goes into great detail about the topic.

While these types of videos have served the platform well since its conception, the rising popularity of platforms like  and Snapchat and social phone lists media features like Instagram Stories have made YouTube rethink its video structure.

YouTube Shorts are a direct response to  and Instagram Stories.

A YouTube Short is a short-form content video that is filmed vertically on a smartphone and captured, edited, and uploaded directly on the YouTube app.

Just like , YouTube Shorts offers a wide variety of built-in tools for your video creation to help you film, edit, and add effects like sound and music to your videos.

Why Should You Try Making Shorts

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There’s a reason that so many people are active on platforms like  Snapchat.

Today’s video viewers like to watch short, easily-digestible video content in an endless scroll format.

These videos capture the attention

of audiences and keep them engaged

and tuned in, while Mailing Lead longer-form content videos

might lose views from drop offs during the length of the video.

YouTube Shorts are no different. These videos are

under 60 seconds and play into the endless scroll engagement that is so popular on other platforms.

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